Part Sales

Unlike many parts suppliers, we have extensive knowledge of Frogeye restorations and know what parts work and (more importantly) what parts do not. We only sell the parts we use ourselves, even if this means that we have to have them specially made, or pay more to buy in better quality products.

New parts
We can supply any available new part for a Frogeye, including later optional equipment such as wire wheel kits, disc brakes, luggage racks, alloy wheels etc.
All spares are market priced and will be similar to other suppliers, BUT we can offer you valuable advice, free of charge, that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.
We do not necessarily need part numbers in order to supply you the best part. Just describe what you need and we will do the rest!

New parts

Used / original spare parts
We carry large stocks of used / original parts which not only provide genuine authenticity but usually considerable cost savings too. In our experience there are also quite a few items that either look and/or perform better as ‘restored original’ components rather than new reproductions. Our stock also includes larger items such as engines, gearboxes axles and the like.
For some spares, such as road wheels, hubs, steering wheels and early 1958 parts there is of course no new replacement at all. Although we aim to maintain stock of these rarer parts at all times, the supply is haphazard and we are always pleased to consider the purchase of surplus original parts if you care to give us a call.
Windscreen Parts

Purpose made parts
We have found it necessary to manufacture some parts that are otherwise not available from any other source or where the original item is desperate for (sympathetic) improvement. These include:

-       Phosphor bronze pedal bushes.
-       Nylon cover to retain the steering rack pinion oil seal.
-       Nylon spacer between the 1275 cooling fan and pulley. This was originally steel and unnecessarily heavy.
-      A one piece black nylon pipe kit to run between the cylinder block adaptor and oil pressure gauge. This is also available with a stainless steel over braiding if required. We have known the original 3 piece kit split apart at the rubber joining hose, with disastrous results!
-       Modern lip seal conversions to the gearbox front cover to improve oil sealing.
-       Roll cages for road and competition use that do not puncture the standard rear deck of the Frogeye. These are available to order and with various optional bracing designs. All finished in a black powder coating.

Purpose made parts

Random stuff
Over time we continue to accumulate surplus race / tuning parts and some ‘non- Frogeye’ stuff, which we will list here. 

"Thanks for coming to the rescue again, it is much appreciated. Your stores must be like an Aladdin's cave!"    David M.
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