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In addition to the cars we have listed for sale, we are also pleased to source other Frogeyes or modify existing stock to meet individual customer requirements. Just give us a call.

Side view of red frogeye for sale
Front view of red frogeye for sale Rear view of red frogeye for sale Engine bay of red frogeye for sale Inside view of of red frogeye for sale Steering wheel of red frogeye for sale

A genuine UK (rhd) car built on the 21st April 1960 and first registered in London the following month. The previous owner had purchased the car in 1975 and it lay almost unused and dry stored until July 2000. Over the next few years the car was totally stripped to a bare shell, and carefully restored, keeping as many original panels as possible, but replacing all those that were necessary. Repairs were spot welded as original. The shell was then etch primed and painted in 2 pack ‘Colorado Red’
The 948cc engine was fully stripped ,re-bored and rebuilt to a 998cc ‘fast road’ specification which included a Kent 276 cam ; modified cylinder head (ported/ re-faced and with ‘unleaded valve seats) new pistons; heavy duty bearings; lightened and balanced flywheel and crank; duplex timing chain conversion; heavy duty oil pump; uprated timing cover oil seal etc. To further improve performance the unit was fitted with a 3 branch exhaust manifold and ‘free flow’ exhaust system, together with brand new, larger (1 ¼”) SU carbs; K&N filters; electronic ignition; sports coil and electric fuel pump.
It has the correct ’smooth case’ gearbox rebuilt to take the later baulk ring synchromesh components and is also fitted with a modern lip seal front cover conversion.
All brake system components were replaced including master cylinder (stainless steel re-sleeved); new brake pipes throughout; stainless steel over braided brake hoses; new cylinders at rear and recent new disc brake conversion to the front.
The suspension includes either new or reconditioned shock absorbers; wishbones and stub axles and rear springs. It has adjustable taper roller front wheel bearings; 5/8” heavy duty anti roll bar; 60 spoke chrome wire wheels with a set of new Pirelli Cinturatos. All designed to provide safe and controllable handling.
At rebuild the car was fitted with a brand new wiring harness to original specification but changed to a ‘negative earth ‘ set up to simplify fitment of more modern devices such as the electronic ignition. Headlights are modern quartz halogen units.
The car has been fastidiously maintained since it’s restoration and has travelled about 5,500 trouble free miles to date. It is a well known Austin Healey Club car and has won numerous ‘concours’ awards over the last few years including those at the really big events such as the ‘Sprite 50th’ in 2008 and the ‘Midget 50th’ in 2011. All the award history is available with the car together with an original ‘log book’ ; current V5 ; ‘Heritage Certificate’ ; old MoTs ; Owner’s Handbook and photos of the work. This is an exceptional but entirely practical and reliable ‘Frogeye’ which will be fully serviced before sale.


Front view of green frogeye for sale
Inside view of green frogeye for sale Side view of green frogeye for sale Green frogeye for sale Green frogeye for sale 
Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite Reg # 819 LVK
Original RHD ‘Frogeye’ Sprite. First registered in Newcastle upon Tyne in June 1960 but now fitted with a 160bhp Yamaha engine and 6 speed sequential gearbox !
From 2000, the car was stripped to a bare shell, sand blasted clean and totally repaired with new floors ; inner and outer sills ; front inner wings ; triangular gusset panels ; radius arm boxes ; shut plates etc. Once complete the shell was etch primed and re-sprayed in 2 pack British Racing Green. Countless new parts were fitted during the rebuild including wiring harness and lighting equipment ; fuel tank and sender, reconditioned shock absorbers ; wishbones ; rear springs and bushes, brake components and pipework etc.
Recent work has included new ¾”bore master cylinder and matching rear wheel cylinders to suit the disc brake set up now in place. Strip and rebuild the steering rack and column. New rear brake shoes and hub seals ; brake fluid flush ; lower the front suspension ; re-track etc.
The car comes with its original registration number and V5C ; 'Heritage' Certificate ; previous MoT papers from 2009 – 2013 ;comprehensive photographic record of its restoration ; Yamaha YZF-R1 Service Manual and pages of old invoices for parts used during its restoration.
The performance of the car is truly impressive and will suit someone looking for a fast road/track day car. This surely has to be the fastest road going Frogeye ? It just needs someone brave enough to drive it !
However, it should also be noted that the installation of the Yamaha engine and ‘box (valuable in their own right) has been carried out with virtually no disturbance to the car’s original shell, allowing the retro fit of an ‘A’ series engine and ‘box if / when required.
If you are not a fan of bonnet air intakes and stripes, these can be removed at cost.


Front view of white frogeye for sale
Side view of white frogeye for sale Inside view of white frogeye for sale White frogeye for sale White frogeye for sale White frogeye for sale
1959 Rhd Frogeye with 'fast road' spec 1300cc engine ; discs and servo ; 3.7 diff. ;wire wheels ; new and uprated suspension ; ; grp bonnet ; and all weather equipment. Restored in 2016 to provide fast and reliable touring capability.


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